How do you work? 

After we have a signed contract, we’ll dive into your reference images, think through your practical and design goals, and craft a game plan. We analyze timelines, budgets, aesthetics, and dream up a space that hits all the marks. 

The early part of the design phase entails sourcing samples, finishes, visiting showrooms, and testing product. We can take you to our favorite locations and design studios to see both quality and construction in person. We’ll also be taking measurements and photographs of your home’s existing conditions, we’ll build your home in 3D, and then design the finishes, millwork, and digitally block out spec’d items to scale and create digital collages that show the spec’d items in situ. Research, sourcing, and design is an integral part of our design process and due to its extensive nature, where the most billed hours will occur.  

Once complete, we’ll present our 3D visualizations, custom designs, and sourced items in an extensive presentation. Depending on your level of interest, we can provide schematic designs or even 3D  walkthroughs of your space. Your feedback during this stage is key. Based on our conversations, we’ll make any necessary changes. Once we’re all on the same page and we've been given the green light, we will then create an itemized inventory as well as a bid set (sometimes created in concert with an architectural firm) for your general contractors to price out. We’ll then help see through the bidding process and provide advice and guidance if needed. 

When you’re ready to begin, we will procure everything we’ve been tasked with. We request advance full payment for all spec’ed items before any purchasing takes place. A GC will typically order construction related material (including our specified tile, paint, plumbing fixtures, and vanities). We’ll typically order the lighting, window coverings, rugs, furniture, art, and accessories. Clients often order the appliances based on our recommendations but we can purchase those as well. During construction, we oversee the custom fabricated pieces and millwork, and do quality control to make sure our vision is being carefully executed. There is ample communication that will take place from beginning to end and we’re there every step of the way. 

As construction finishes, we coordinate with the receiver and oversee the entire install of your home. The big reveal is the fun part! We will then style and photograph your home for our portfolio and for publication. Our goal is that we have designed a space for you that is not only beautiful and well thought out, but also a home that you’ll love and will share with friends and family for years to come. 

What services do you offer? 

We specialize in “turn key” renovations for both residential and commercial clients. We are here to think through everything - be it your millwork, window treatments, lighting plan, paint and floor finishes, kitchen and bathroom designs. We love sourcing not only furniture, hardware, fixtures and lighting, but also accessories, textiles, and artwork. 

Our designs are both comprehensive and cohesive. Your project tells a story and each room and every detail works in concert to make that vision complete. Our best work is achieved when a client trusts us to elevate their own ideas and create an entirely unique environment that is perfectly tailored to their lifestyle and aesthetic sensibility.

How do you bill? 

For residential projects, we charge hourly based on services rendered. Services are billed at different rates based on the hierarchy of team members who tasked with your project. For commercial projects, we charge a flat rate based on price per square footage and a clearly outlined scope. 


Residential Rates
Principal Designer - $225
Designer - $175
Draftsperson - $100
Assistant - $50


Commercial Rates
$6-$10 per square foot




Timelines and Leadtimes

The lion’s share of the design happens at the onset of your project. This may take between two and eight weeks depending on the scope and extent of your design. After approval, ordering and receiving can take several weeks to a month. 

Mistakes, delays, and damage will likely happen but we are here to help correct things and follow through on your project’s numerous moving parts. 

Custom and semi-custom furniture have fabrication lead-times between three and five months. Custom upholstery and window treatments can take one to two months depending on fabric availability and the workroom timeline. 

Retail-sourced and vintage items that are readily available will be ordered immediately so they won't go out of stock. This will result in storage fees until your install. Custom and vintage items are final sale unless otherwise specified.  Retail sourced items will likely have exceeded their return 

Liability and Third Party Subcontractors, Architects

White Arrow has an array of vendors and architects we work with and can recommend. We will lead you to the right person for your job based on your timelines, scope, and budget. We can provide guidance and interview subcontractors on your behalf if interested. 

We are not liable nor responsible for the work of subcontractors or architects, you will pay them directly. We work with general contractors for renovations but can do construction management for select small projects. We prefer to collaborate with architects and subcontractors we have experience with and can vouch for, however we are open to working with teams you may have pre-selected. 

Shipping and Receiving

We work with established receivers at the location of each project. We aim to purchase the entire contents your project at one time - be it lighting, furniture, art, or accessories. Once all items have arrived, we install the home on one day or several days depending on the scope. Any items related to construction, that we are tasked with ordering, will be delivered separately and will result in an additional delivery charge. Many of our vendors require shipping to a warehouse with a loading dock. Shipping directly to a house is not advised and will result in issues with liability should there be any damage. Shipping and receiving items can add between 15-18% on top of the items purchase price. 

Designer fee and Trade Discounts

Part of our design fee is earned through purchasing on behalf of our clients. We charge an hourly rate for purchasing and any logistics related to tracking, returns, installation, and damage. 

Many vendors we use are available exclusively to the trade - others offer a “designer discount” between 5-30% off retail. For transparency’s sake, we utilize these trade prices as our second revenue stream. This pays for our insurance and overhead. This is industry standard and a non-negotiable part of our contract. You’ll always be billed the retail price. The price we charge is based on the price when the item is initially proposed. Given that our revenue also comes from purchasing, it should be understood we will purchase any approved items in your proposal. If you find the same item elsewhere, we will still purchase it. We do our best to find the most competitive pricing, however if sales arise or a better price is found after an item has been approved and paid for, we cannot refund the difference. 

Lastly, all approved items must be paid for in full before any purchasing commences. Delays in payment will result in project delays and deliveries. 

Returns and Final Sale

Retail items typically have a 30 day return grace period. However, by the time a home or commercial space is installed, this timeframe will likely have passed. If an item is damaged in transit we will be notified by the receiver and typically we will be able to rectify the situation and reorder the item before installation. All custom and vintage items are final sale. Some accessories will be bought closer to your install day and brought in — these will be available to return on a case by case basis. 


By the time construction has completed, our goal is that all furniture, lighting, window treatments, wallpaper, and art is ready to be installed within a day or two.  We ask that clients are away during the time of install to minimize stress and to allow for an exciting and satisfying final reveal. 

Caveat Emptor

We discourage it, but if you choose to purchase items on your own, you will not receive our discounts nor will we handle shipping, receiving, or returns if the item is ordered incorrectly, is delayed, or arrives damaged.